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Cancer Treatment

Cancer Care Northwest Offers PET/CT Technology with Advanced Diagnostics at South Clinic

Posted: December 15, 2020


SPOKANE, WA - Cancer Care Northwest (CCNW) is proud to announce the addition of a new PET/CT imaging system.  The GE Discovery IQ 4-Ring PET/CT Scanner provides patients with a decreased scan time, decreased isotope and radiation dose, and an ultra high sensitivity imaging experience with access to two powerful diagnostic procedures that when combined, can detect cancer in its earliest stages. 
Previously, our PET/CT Scanner was located in our Deaconess Clinic, however, we have renovated and upgraded a wing of our South Clinic, located at 601 South Sherman St. to accommodate the new equipment and optimize patient flow through the facility.  “Although we were able to offer this service before at a different location, parking and walking distance to the clinic was often difficult for our patients.  Providing this service at our South Clinic is much more convenient, with free parking and minimal walking distance,” says Kim Brodie, Chief Operations Officer.  
Positron Emission Tomography, or PET scans, produce images of patients’ organs and tissues using low doses of radioactive material that are highlighted by the PET imaging.  This process produces images that physicians can use to assess organ function and detect diseases. 
Computerized Tomography, or CT, consists of a series of x-ray images taken from various angles and assembled via computer into a cross-sectional image that is more detailed than a standard x-ray.
The PET/CT scanner is capable of performing both of these scans in one imaging procedure.  This not only saves time and cost for the patient, but quickly provides physicians with highly defined images that can help them detect cancer and other diseases in very early stages.  To learn more about PET/CT services at CCNW, please visit www.cancercarenorthwest.com/pet-ct