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Jill Ciccarello, BA, Certified YogaFit Instructor

Jill Ciccarello, BA, Certified YogaFit Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Jill is a certified YogaFit instructor with more than 20 years of yoga experience. With a background in biomedical research, Jill has dedicated herself to discovering yoga’s true restorative power. She witnessed the benefits of yoga firsthand when her sister was diagnosed with cancer, and ever since her mission has been to bring peace of mind and balance to all her students. She has built a safe, effective and empowering yoga program tailored to meet individual needs. Jill hopes all her students will feel welcome, safe, supported and honored. Jill’s classes are open to all eligible* CCNW patients and are not affiliated with any religious practice. 


*Patients must have a signed waiver from their Cancer Care Northwest physician to participate.

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