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Finding Balance and Restoring Health

While a cancer diagnosis can be exhausting both physically and mentally, we believe there are ways to restore peace, balance and even energy.

During treatment, it is important to keep up with your physical activity. Doing so can help maintain mobility while reducing side effects associated with your cancer fighting care plan. At Cancer Care Northwest, treating and helping heal the entire person is a fundamental principle, and we believe yoga can be complimentary in that process. Cancer Care Northwest is the only cancer facility in the area offering this type of support.


All Cancer Care Northwest Yoga Classes are taught by a certified YogaFit instructor with years of experience teaching cancer patients.

Jill Ciccarello, BS, is a certified YogaFit instructor with more than 15 years of experienceJill Ciccarello, BA, Certified YogaFit Instructor
Jill is a certified YogaFit instructor with more than 20 years of yoga experience. With a background in biomedical research, Jill has dedicated herself to discovering yoga’s true restorative power. She witnessed the benefits of yoga firsthand when her sister was diagnosed with cancer, and ever since her mission has been to bring peace of mind and balance to all her students. She has built a safe, effective and empowering yoga program tailored to meet individual needs. Jill hopes all her students will feel welcome, safe, supported and honored. Jill’s classes are open to all eligible* CCNW patients and are not affiliated with any religious practice. 

*Patients must have a signed waiver from their CCNW physician to participate. Waivers can be picked up at the front desk of each location.

At Cancer Care Northwest, we offer yoga classes to all eligible patients.* Because each patient varies in strength and stamina, our Yoga classes cover various levels and techniques including:

Restorative/Yin Yoga comes from China. This gentle Yoga improves the flow of energy in the body, increases circulation, builds flexibility, boosts immunity, and promotes emotional well-being. The poses are less stressful on connective tissues and students use props to hold postures for longer periods of time. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga means “flow” and and is rooted in the Yoga Korunta, an ancient Indian manuscript. This technique involves simultaneous, seamless movement, breathing and creativity between postures. Students are taught Ujjayi breathing (in and out through the nose) to help stimulate heat in the body and increase focus in the mind. 

In Hatha Yoga, the “Ha” in Hatha means sun and the “tha” means moon, and Hatha Yoga is a series of core-strengthening exercises focused on balancing warm and cool poses (like the sun and moon). Hatha is designed to align the skin, muscles, and bones, opening the body’s channels so energy can flow freely. 

To Sign Up for Yoga

Pick up a yoga release form at any CCNW Clinic, or you may download it here, and complete the Patient Release section.  Return it to your physician for approval; we will contact you as soon as the approval process is completed. Classes are reserved for Cancer Care Northwest patients only. Please note, your physician must complete your waiver in order for you to participate. For further questions, please call 509-228-1000.


Yoga Schedule:

Tuesday at 6:15 PM (Virtual and in-person class options)
Wednesday at 12 Noon (Virtual option only)
Thursday at 6:15 PM (Virtual and in-person class options)
Saturday at  12 Noon (Virtual and in-person class options)

In-Person yoga classes will be held at Tailwind Physical Therapy, located at 2772 S Grand Blvd in Spokane, WA.


Virtual Yoga Link info:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 726 8145 8830
Password: 402875

Yoga offers a plethora of benefits for cancer patients, including but not limited to:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Balance in mind and body
  • Increased flexibility in joints
  • Greater mental and physical stability
  • Detoxification
  • Strengthened muscles and core
  • Increased physical stamina
  • Decreased TMJ symptoms and migraines
  • Deeper relaxation and meditation

The following flyer lists current yoga classes and tequniques being offered at Cancer Care Northwest: 

Yoga Flyer 

"I love the yoga classes! Jill is clearly an experienced teacher. I feel like my health has improved overall since taking the classes. They give me a sense of renewal and energy. " 
Joan, Breast Cancer