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Simple Ways to Minimize Holiday Stress

Posted: December 14, 2022



The holiday season often brings a flurry of additional fun and activity. Shopping for gifts, baking, decorating, and cleaning are just a few. Finding ways to minimize stress may help you enjoy the holidays even more! 

Bring your family together for decision-making around which activities and traditions are important for the season. This can bring a needed feeling of flexibility. As our families grow and change, traditions and rituals may change as well. Planning together will help schedules from being overfilled and leave you with more time and energy to enjoy the season!

Continue healthy habits during the holiday rather than overindulging. Have a healthy snack in mind before the holiday party starts so you are not tempted to go overboard with sweets, cheese, or drinks. Getting plenty of sleep and physical activity both play a role in managing stress any time of the year.

Spending 15 minutes alone, without distraction may be just the refreshment you need to feel calmer. Finding ways that help to clear your mind and slow your breathing are perfect for restoring inner calm. Listening to soothing music or taking an evening walk to stargaze are a few ideas for relaxation. Be creative and be sure to make time for yourself!

If you find yourself feeling persistently sad or anxious, unable to sleep, irritable or unable to face routine responsibilities, reach out to your medical provider or a mental health professional.

The holidays do not have to be perfect or ‘just like last year’. With a little intention, planning and positive thinking, you can find peace and joy during the holidays!