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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission
It is the mission of Cancer Care Northwest to provide a fully integrated approach to the prevention, detection, treatment and healing of cancer and related diseases while inspiring hope for living.

Our Vision
Cancer Care Northwest is the premier cancer center in the Inland Northwest, providing comprehensive, innovative, compassionate care by a team of integrated cancer specialists. It is our vision to be your destination for Cancer care.

Our Values
Our values reflect Cancer Care Northwest’s ongoing commitment to fighting cancer, while providing the complete care and support our patients and their families need through treatment and healing. Our fundamental values are the following:

Comprehensive: We are committed to providing superior cancer treatment and care while meeting the needs of the whole person.

Innovative: We are passionate about improving the processes, treatments and outcomes for all people facing the fight with cancer. We are actively involved in research that will open new frontiers for healing and give hope for a cure.

Compassionate: We provide support and understanding so that no one has to go through their cancer experience alone. Each patient is treated with dignity, love and compassion and as an individual human being.

Integrated: We have a complete team of cancer specialists and support personnel to address all aspects of cancer care. As highly trained professionals, we work together to determine the best care for each individual and assure the best outcome possible.