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Innovative Imaging


In 2017, CCNW added the Discovery IQ PET/CT scanner, which delivers among the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT scanner anywhere.

Cancer Care Northwest’s sophisticated imaging capabilities allow your doctors to detect and treat cancer faster and more effectively than ever before. Our certified radiologic technologists are specially trained in oncology. Using advanced imaging technologies, they take high-quality, clear digital pictures of the inside of your body that help your doctors answer questions such as:

  • Where is the tumor?
  • Is it malignant?
  • Is it spreading?
  • How large is it?
  • What is the best way to treat it?
  • Is the treatment working?
  • Cancer Care Northwest’s imaging services include:

PET/CT: In 2017, CCNW added the Discovery IQ PET/CT scanner, which delivers among the highest sensitivity of any PET/CT scanner anywhere, enabling excellent image quality with fast scans at low dose for improved patient care and comfort. 

CT: Special x-ray technology that takes multiple images of the inside of the body from all angles and creates a three-dimensional view of tissues.

Large Bore CT: Large Bore machines take the advantages of CT scans, but have an enlarged field of view which allows for unique patient placement, enhanced treatment planning, and better accommodation for all patients.

Ultrasound: A machine that uses sound waves to produce images of soft tissue inside of your body.

Oncologists use these and other imaging methods, such as x-rays, nuclear medicine and radiography.

Imaging is an extremely versatile, essential tool that is used by your integrated team of oncologists at all levels of your treatment. At Cancer Care Northwest, medical oncologists use imaging to diagnose and stage cancer. Surgical oncologists use imaging to localize the cancer and to plan for surgery. Radiation oncologists rely on imaging to help them more accurately measure and plan the radiation beams that treat the cancer. The imaging technology helps your physician assess and then produce an effective treatment plan.  It also provides the ability to monitor any changes in the cancer throughout the treatment process.

Cancer Care Northwest is home to some of the most advanced imaging technologies in the Inland Northwest, including the Discovery IQ PET/CT Scanner. This highly sophisticated scanner not only shows the location and nature of a tumor, but can also image a tumor’s movement to prepare accurate treatment plans. All imaging modalities are certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR) to assure the highest level of image quality and patient safety.