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Get a Second Opinion


Are you unsure about your cancer diagnosis? Cancer Care Northwest's experienced oncologists are ready to help, providing rapid second opinions about your cancer treatment.


Why should I get a second opinion?

Cancer can be a confusing and upsetting diagnosis, and making decisions about your treatment can be challenging. Seeking the advice and knowledge of more than one oncologist may help you feel more informed and comfortable with the cancer treatment plan you choose.

At Cancer Care Northwest, we offer individualized treatment plans, comprised of various treatment disciplines and integrated techniques, all under one roof. Our treatments disciplines include:

  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Support Services, including nutrition counseling, support groups and exercise programs

Additionally, Cancer Care Northwest offers a variety of clinical trials for multiple cancer types, giving patients access to the most innovative treatment options right here in the Inland Northwest. For more information, or to schedule your second-opinion appointment with Cancer Care Northwest, please call us.


How much will it cost to get a second opinion?

Most insurance providers pay for a second opinion following your initial cancer diagnosis. However, before making an appointment with Cancer Care Northwest, we encourage you to consult with your insurance provider regarding coverage. 

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