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Clinical Research


Cancer Type: Osteoarthritis

Lead Physician: Bryan J. Ager


Title: Mitigating Osteoarthritis By Intervention with Low-dose Irradiation to Extremities (MOBILE)

Purpose of Study: To investigate patient reported pain relief following treatment with low dose radiotherapy for patients with inadequately controlled Osteoarthritis (OA).

Protocol Summary: Patients will receive six low dose radiation treatments of affected joint on six separate days over two weeks. Patients will be assessed for pain response six weeks after treatment.  Any patients not reporting complete pain relief in affected joint will be offered another identical course of low dose radiation treatments. Patients will be assessed for pain response every three months for at least six months.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:


  • Established diagnosis of OA of at least 1 joint
  • Inadequately controlled OA despite other treatment modalities with Visual Analogue Pain Score of 4 or greater
  • At least 50 years old


  • Contraindications to radiation treatment, such as pregnancy and active collagen-vascular disease
  • Estimated life expectancy less than 1 year
  • Any condition at the discretion of investigator that will preclude participation in the study


For More Information

If you are interested in this research study, please email the Cancer Care Northwest Research Department at research@ccnw.net for more information. Be sure to include:

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