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Tumor Treating Fields (Optune)

Optune is a new treatment for glioblastomas (GBM), resulting in minimal side effects and better quality of life.

Recent medical advancements in oncology care are enhancing outcomes for cancer patients. Optune®, a new, leading-edge treatment for glioblastomas (GBM) and malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), is helping to pave the way, resulting in minimal side effects and better quality of life for those who receive it.

A group of Cancer Care Northwest (CCNW) physicians, Radiation Oncologists Dr. Bryan Ager, Dr. Robert Fairbanks, Dr. Corbin Jacobs, Dr. Wayne Lamoreaux, Dr. Christopher Lee, Dr. O. Kenneth Macdonald, Dr. Stephen Thatcher, and Dr. Aaron Wagner are certified providers. Offering this cutting-edge technology will enhance the quality of local medical care and add another component to the cancer-fighting treatment array CCNW provides. Cancer Care Northwest is the first to offer this leading-edge treatment in all of Eastern Washington, as well as Idaho State.